Energy work for companies

Have you ever entered a room or building and felt unwelcome?
Have you walked into a room with a violent energy and you were looking for an exit?

I’ve had it happen in people’s homes and in shops. And when I enter a shop with a dense energy, I don’t buy anything, I’m just looking for the way out.

Don’t let this be your shop, hotel or building. Take care of the energy so customers and clients feel welcome.

BENUW offers you:

Remote healing, energetic clearing and frequency upgrade of all workspaces of a company worldwide, around the clock.


  • Happier clients and customers that stay longer and spend more.
  • Employees perform better, feel better and love to come to work.
  • No smells. Sage and other clearingmethods stink. We clear with pure thought.
  • You don’t need people to access your buildings, we access with pure thought and in energy only.
  • All the energy of the past and the present is cleared, so the past doesn’t haunt you in the future.
  • The energy of people (employees, visitors, customers,…) is cleared continuously, so new visitors get a fresh feeling in your buildings.
  • A much better feel in your buildings, better vibe, better mood. (discussions, fights, low energy and negative people, … are cleared so others aren’t bothered by it)
  • Customers stay longer in your shops, hotels,… and buy more because of the beautiful high and loving atmosphere we create for them.
  • Employees perform better because of the mood, the feel and the vibe of the space.
  • Better communication, cashflow, better employees (less sickdays, work more focussed), you attract better partners, better investors, better everything.

Why choose us?

No more saging in your offices, no more tedious and slow clearing methods, but instant results in all your buildings and a solid foundation for businessgrowth on an energetic and material level.

  • We work remotely
  • We work worldwide
  • We work 24/7
  • Instant results
  • We can do so, so, so much more than the average practitioner
  • Long lasting results

Works for…

  • industry
  • tech
  • shops
  • restaurants
  • hotels / vacancies
  • farms
  • basicly any (large) corporation with multiple buildings

The world is changing and businesses need to evolve. If your business is ready to evolve, this is for you.

All is energy. Your clients are energy, your employees are energy and your manufacturers are energy. It’s all connected to 1 source, the entity of the business. Work with the source of the whole structure and everything is affected in a positive way with ease.

Whatever you think your problem is in your company, it’s not your problem. It’s just a symptom of a deeper underlying cause. And we help you fix the original problem.

How the fuck does this work?

So, it works instantly and fully remotely with visible and sensible results. We have done this for many different people and businesses all around the world since 2018. Marieke has perfected her technique along the way.

Marieke has access to the other side, behind the Veil and she has been trained by them. She energetically clears battlefiels, Worldwar 1 and 2 cemetaries and other things that go way deeper. She knows and has seen deep darkness. Because of that work she has access to different dimensions and can erase or alter the past. Energywork is what she embodies and she’s the best in her field today.

There’s nothing she hasn’t seen and expierienced and she clears about anything anywhere on this planet and beyond. In thought. In energy. In her multi dimensionality. She can clear instantly.

She has cleared a ton of homes around the world, businessess and now large corporations. She helps if it benefits the world.

You either believe it or not. That’s up to you.

So, here’s how she works in a nutshell.

First she makes contact with the entity of your business, the Soul, the thing that runs your business and that tells you what to do. She has a chat with that and she hears the wants, the needs and all the stuff that’s going wrong.

When that’s clearified, the energetic work starts. All buildings are raised in frequency and all low energy is gently removed in the buildings, in the employees and in the environment. (She clears the environment because it’s often a graveyard, battlefield or some suicide that messes up the energy of the building.)

Some healings happen instant, some take time. You don’t want all your employers call in sick after day 2 because they have symptoms of raised frequency. The entity of your business tells us what we do, how fast and when we start and finish.

Results happen instant, you feel it immediatly. The dense vibe softens and lights up. People lighten up and have a better mood. Everything is better, feels better, runs more smooth. After the initial feeling better, we keep raising the frequency and set up systems to make it permanent.

It takes up to 30 days to have full benefits and a steady energylevel. After those 30 days the energetic clearing is finished and you have a new minimum in your business.

All systems we install remain in the buildings until someone cancels them. We do not cancel anything, unless it is specifically requested by you. But others can sabotage the systems, on purpose or by accident.

To counter any kind of sabotage, we offer a maintenance plan. The maintenance plan includes further work and raising of the frequency as far as we can take it that month.


Set up cost: €10.000 (+VAT)

First month: €250 per building (+VAT)

After the first month: €75 per building (+VAT)

For buildings that hold a big crowd like a mall, stadium, arena or big theater, we offer a custom service. Please contact us.

We don’t work with everyone.

If you are interested and called to hire Marieke to help your business grow, you can email us and tell us what intuïtively enters your mind. What are your issues, why do you want help and what do you expect (in a nutshell). How many buildings do you want us to clear?

We believe: You can’t fuck up what’s meant for you. So if we need to work together, it will happen.

Email us:

Here’s what happens after you send the email:

You get a reply usually within 5 businessdays (she has a chat with the entity before she replies).

That reply will either say no or yes. If you receive a yes, you will find a link to her calendar to book a session on zoom. This zoom call lasts up to 2 hours to make sure all of your questions are answered and you fully realize what you are investing in and what could possibly happen to you and your business.

During the zoom she will demonstrate the work that will be done on you, so you can make up your mind if it’s real or not.

Depending on what you want to get done, a price is set and you can agree on the spot or think about it. No pressure.

Once the payment is received, the work starts and we will guide you through all the changes.

Often, people like in person support to explain all the things that are happening in the first few weeks. We offer zoom support if you like, weekly or monthly. We discuss this on the call.

Cancellation policy

If we feel we can no longer be of any service to you, we will contact you. If we can’t help, you don’t pay.

If you no longer want to benefit from our service, you can cancel before the end of the current month and we stop providing our service at the end of the month. All work done remains. Send an email.

All payments are final.

If you are unhappy with the service, you need to communicate it very clearly through email and we will have a chat about it and solve it in the best way possible. We aim to provide the best service possible and we look at this service as a co-creation that benefits all involved.


This is not a quick fix. This service requires adjustments, patience and some surrendering to the process. It’s often a bit ugly / chaotic in the beginning before big positive changes are the norm. You need to break down the house before you can build a new one in it’s place.

If you request/expect things that violate free will or universal laws, we will explain why we can’t (and perhaps cancel the service).

If you have any questions, please ask us: