Evolve yourself

Trust your Intuition.

Trust your Self.

Trust your Universe.

When you are ready to change your reality, this is how BENUW can help you.

Is BENUW for you?

When you fully realize that all that you see and expierience in life is not real and is real at the same time, than we can work together. This is not about a quick fix, this is a serious undertaking to evolve as a human.

Your business is a mirror of who you are as a person.

Your talents are remembered and are being blocked by you as a person.

It’s all in the Soul, in the Mind and in the Energy. Your body and all you see that looks real, is just a reflection of who you are. It’s not real, you can’t change it unless you change the Inner You, the Cause.

You can’t change a reflection without changing the cause. ‘

The Courses to Unlock your Greatness

Are you ready to evolve your Human and become more Divine, so you can live an abundant life in so-called Heaven on Earth? Whatever you want to manifest or become in life, it is possible and much sooner than you would think.

Want a different body?
Want more money?
Want the perfect partner or relationship?
Want better performance?

Whatever it is, it is possible and we can help you reach cosmic speed to manifest all your desires in an aligned way.

Our courses teach you the basics of being a human and the basic human rules to crack the code to manifest with more ease, without creating more karma. You learn how to release your trauma, karma and unhealthy patterns in the quickest and easiest way possible, and we make sure you understand the basic rules of life so you don’t create any new stuff you don’t want.

These courses are for everyone that want to improve performance in any field or change any part of their reality they aren’t happy with.

Once you understand how life works, life becomes a beautiful and fun game.


Weekly meditation sessions

During the weekly live meditation sessions, you learn to connect with your Soul and the Universe and you gently disconnect from the Human / Ego side of life.

These meditations use the current World Energy to help you let go of unhealthy patterns that were programmed by society.

Meditations work wonders when done in group because everyone assists all the other participants in letting go of the big Collective blocks and limiting beliefs installed in all of us.

Join us on the weekly online meditation session and see your life transform immediatly. These sessions are for everyone, beginners and well expierienced. We channel every session in a way that everyone benefits, no matter where you are on your journey. And you receive the recording so you can repeat the meditation endlessly for even deeper results.

Other Benuw services

Benuw can also help your business elevate to reach higher potential, within days.

Need a better customer expierience?
Need to unblock your cashflow?
Do you have dense or negative energy in your shops, buildings or rooms?
Do you have issues with your staff?

All of these issues can be solved with ease when you treat the cause of the issue, and we are experts at finding these issues and providing you with simple solutions that are easy and quick to implement.

Feel free to send us an email with information about your issue and we send you a custom quote and information about how we will work to help you remove that problem.

Energy Work on buildings

We offer thourough energy clearing on all buildings from homes to industrial complexes, sport centers and more, that will help boost sales, invite better customers and get dense energy out of the building and the surrounding area. This is done remotely and worldwide, usually within a week.

We also offer services to upkeep and/or raise energy on those buildings. This helps to keep the energy fresh and high vibe for better performance and a better customer expierience.

Please reach out to us with any informtion you want to share and we will send you a custom quote.

Private coaching / healing / energywork

We offer limited 1 on 1 sessions. Working with Marieke Bertens means you are willing to open up, be vulnerable and willing to do anything to move through your blocks.

She will help you break through your patterns with ease. But keep in mind that she can not do things that you aren’t ready for. She can not do the Work for you, but she can show you a super quick path and join you on that path as a guide.

This is for all professionals that are stuck and need to move forward.

For example:

  • All issues in business
  • Recurring sport injuries
  • Not being able to win
  • Feeling stuck in performance
  • Anxiety while performing (on stage, on camera, on the field,..)
  • Lack of confidence
  • And more

If you need a boost in your field of expertise, we can help you achieve that. Please email us with information about your current situation and we will offer you a custom plan and quote.

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