Soul Coaching

You are here because you were led by your Soul, and that should be enough reason to reach out and let us help you evolve as a person, as a business and as a Soul.


Trust your Intuition.

Trust your Self.

Trust your Universe.

When you are ready to evolve, this is how BENUW can help you.

Is BENUW for you?

When you fully realize that all that you see and expierience in life is not real and is real at the same time, than we can work together. This is not about a quick fix, this is a serious undertaking to evolve as a human.

Your business is a mirror of who you are as a person.

Your talents are remembered and are being blocked by you as a person.

It’s all in the Soul, in the Mind and in the Energy. Your body and all you see that looks real, is just a reflection of who you are. It’s not real, you can’t change it unless you change the Inner You, the Cause.

You can’t change a reflection without changing the cause

Not the avarage coach

People are all unique, there aren’t 2 the same. The advice you get from other people is what worked for them, but it might not work for you. So instead of searching for a random method that works for you, we found a way to not have to ask people, but ask yourself.

What do I need to quickly move forward in life?

We developed Soul Coaching, where we connect you with your Soul and ask the Real You what YOUR problem is that needs to be fixed right now. Books and other people only guess, but You know. And that’s why Soul Coaching is so effective. Because we ask You directly (the Soul, the bigger you) and get easy solutions to complicated problems, in 1 session.

BENUW coaches help you to ignore the Ego and focus solely on solutions offered by the bigger You, the Soul, without doing any woo-woo stuff or hypnosis. You are fully awake and conscious. We help you open up your mind, so all is clearer and you can move forward instantly.

All life themes are solvable with Soul coaching.


Energy Work on buildings

Marieke is probably the best healer in the world when it comes to changing the energy of a building. She talks to the entity of the building and during that conversation, many things can be shifted for better, on the spot.

She Sees the other side (the real world), she Knows how it works and she is allowed to clear up the energy of certain spaces, with help from the other side.

Marieke currently travels Europe to clear up the energy of 1914 and 1940. She visits and clears military and civilian graveyards, battlefields and religious buildings. This helps the people that live near those places to release their old programming and slowly become even more loving beings so they can move forward in life.

She has remotely cleared many homes, graveyards and other buildings around the world (including whole cities), with instant results. And now she has been instructed to help large corporations raise the frequency of their buildings, so more people will be effected by that higher frequency that eventually creates a more loving world.