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BENUW has published books that help you go deep within yourself, written by a number of authors. Some authors tell a personal story, others teach you what they have learned in their life, so you can learn from their mistakes.

Mirrors, A practical guide to change your reality quickly – Marieke Bertens

This book goes deep into the idea that the world you see is a reflection of the world inside yourself. How you think about yourself, how you treat yourself, is how the world reacts to you. Your reality is 100% your own responsibility, so how do you change that reflection?

Marieke explains in easy to understand language and terms how your reality works and how you can change it immediatly. She takes you on an internal journey, helping you to understand your reality and change it with ease from the inside out.

A very inspiring self-help book that has helped thousands of readers manifest a better life for themselves.

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