Soul Coaching

Whatever you think your problem or blockade is, it’s easy to solve.

BENUW Soul Coaching, how it works.

The cool thing about our coaches is that they chat with your Soul, the ‘True You’ and they give you the solutions in a way you can easily understand, so you can take immediate action and change your life.

No more guessing, no more doubting, no what if.. But clear instructions to move forward.

You are giving yourself advice and our coaches are the way to receive it in a very clear way. Our coaches decipher the symbolic messages and give it to you in a clear and understandable-for-you way so you get lots of aha’s and you can take aligned action right away.

BENUW uses a combination of the best of the spiritual world, mixed with mindset, psychology, philosophy, science and a ton of personal expierience, to get you insights and solutions on the spot.

We go far and deep into your thoughts and we instantly extract what is blocking you, your talents or your business today, with a simple conversation. Change is instant, when you can locate the true cause of the problem.

That means you have to open yourself up and talk about yourself and your life (even when it hurts). And sometimes, we need to go further back, to the time before this lifetime and understand whatever you did in a previous lifetime that you are paying a karmic debt for today. That’s how far and deep we go and it’s super easy. We’ve done it thousands of times and it’s always easy and we always find solutions.

It’s a path

Although BENUW coaches help you gain instant clarity and help you deal with all the things inside of you, it’s not a quick fix.

Like Shrek says: “Ogres are like onions, they have layers.” Well.. Humans are alike, and also have lots and lots of layers. So in order to completely peel your onion, you might need a couple of months. And it starts with 1 layer at a time.

You need to peel the outer layer first, and that’s what we help you with: Identifying YOUR outer layer and peel it away for good and then identifying the next outer layer. We keep going until the end of the session, peeling layer after layer.

Who is this for?

This is for everyone who understands that time is valuable and take themselves as a person very seriously. In order to become an even better person in all that you do, you need to chop of many layers of programming.



Your business is a reflection of you. All problems that occur in your business, occur in you too (in some way). You are connected. Change YOUR subconscious mind and your business changes too.

Money, people, clients, quality, delayed deliveries, problems with whatever… all have a cause within YOU. We help you identify the real problem and help you figure out a solution.

A session of 2 hours will clarify a lot for you so you can take appropriate action. For larger businesses, we advice at least 4 hours.

Artists, performers

Your talent is something you slowly remember. It is buried inside you and you need to dig it up. The more you break through your own layers of resistance, the more you remember and the better your performance gets.

It’s all about connecting with your Soul and surrendering while performing. Deeper surrender means a better performance. We help you surrender deeper, trust your Soul more and allow more guidance. This helps you to remember faster and become even better at what you do.

Could be painting, drawing, sowing, singing, acting, writing, talking, making music, … We help you remember and evolve your talents.


Your physical body is a reflection of the way you subconsciously think about yourself and the world. Those thoughts limit what your body can do.

When you work through your layers, your body performs better. You are faster, stronger, more flexible, more focussed, you have more stamina, …

We help you understand your body better by showing you how your mind is responsible for your achievements and the lack thereof. You don’t have to train harder, you just have to understand yourself better. We help you with this.


We have a different approach for teams. Not only do we help every single person understand him/herself better (with group coaching and teachings), we also help the team understand the energy between people, so they can work more as a team.

We help you understand the teamdynamic and energy of the opponents, so you can play on their weaknesses and win more easily.

When you work on your teams weaknesses and turn them into strengts, you are the natural winnars of your league. You progress up the ladder and eventually win gold, there is no other way.

Team coaching only in Europe and on site (we do not do this remotely). (multiple week program)

This includes energywork and clearing of all buildings, training centers and buildings where you perform. This can include business coaching, because the team is a reflection of the mindset of the top (for faster and longlasting results).

Price & contact

Price: €1.000 / hour for online (Zoom) coaching. (+ VAT)

In person coaching: minimum of 8 hours + travel expenses.

For teams: special price depending on results wanted


More info

Below you find more information about how we work and what it can do for you.

You are ambitious and at the same time you feel limited.

You SEE it, you FEEL it, you KNOW it is possible, and at the same time you don’t get any further. You’ve done everything you can, but it just doesn’t work.

Whatever your invisible wall is, know that it is only temporary. Any blockage can be broken if you find its mental cause.

The reality you see today that hinders you is your choice and choices you can change.

We offer you different perspectives on your choices, so that you can quickly change your reality and achieve your goals.

You are the creator of your reality.

If you can think of it, it is possible, provided you are willing to make the climb.

Each step on your mountain represents 1 thought you have, which blocks you in your performance.

Each step you take is one step closer to your goal. Every step you take requires reprogramming of a part of your thinking.

We help you find the causes of your mental wall, break it down and open a new path with solutions to achieve your goal quickly and efficiently.

We create change together with you.

Letting go is the only way.

To get results, you have to jump in free fall. Set a goal, take a run-up and take the jump in full confidence.

Whoever jumps, lets go of everything and that is essential.

You must dare to let go of what you know, who you are and what you stand for. Jumping into the unknown is reinventing yourself.

The highest peak and the deepest valley are inextricably linked. We help you in an intuitive way to break down your mental wall, so that you can achieve your goals.

Stop working hard and smash that wall that doesn’t move and work smart. Find the mental cause of your wall and break through it.


” We do not treat symptoms,
we treat causes. “


Your blind spot.

We guide you through your blind spots, the wall you don’t see.

We listen to what you don’t say, we look at what you don’t want to show, we observe you deeply so that you show us your invisible wall.

Once your wall has a name, we help you understand and analyze your wall. We help you find a solution for your current issues in 1 day.

By choosing us as your guide, you can easily break through your mental wall. We help you understand why you built that wall and we help you break down that wall so that you can achieve your goals.

Are you brave and a daring to take that deep plunge and open yourself to other possibilities? Are you open to change?

Do you see clearly?

Reality is an illusion. Look through the illusion and realize what you can achieve.

“What you believe, you receive.”

What you have in your reality today is what you believe is possible. What you don’t have, you don’t believe in (yet).

Be honest with yourself and look deeply in the mirror. Ask yourself the right questions so that you can grow.

If you open up and dare to face your problems, we will offer you a different perspective for your current reality in a clear and simple way.

The solution is within reach if you are willing to open your mind to us. Do you see your problems clearly? Do you see the solution? Or do you have an invisible wall that you want to tear down with our resourceful help?


Soul Coaching is?

Soul Coaching is intuitive coaching that focuses on solutions.
We listen to what you don’t say, we look at what you want to keep hidden
and we feel everything you run away from.

Marieke Bertens has developed unique coaching that is fast, simple and effective
based on her own experience and years of refining methods.

Soul Coaching uses a combination of mindset, psychology, science, communication and spirituality and is higly effective for identifying the root of all your problems and find a solution on the spot.


Your problem is never your problem.

Like an iceberg, the problem is only the tip that is visible. But if you really dare to look deep, you will see that there is much hidden beneath the surface.

Whatever your problem is, we will look through it and provide you with a solution. Our unique method is focused on seeing everything that is hidden, we focus on the bottom tip of the iceberg. Remove the real cause, and all problems (the whole iceberg) disappear.

We usually only need a few hours to understand your problems and come up with a solution that you can then use to achieve results.

We don’t treat symptoms, we treat causes.

We help you get to the bottom of your current reality and find a solution together with you that leads to a breakthrough.

BENUW mental coaching for CEO's

For whom?

Are you a professional who is blocked in performance?

  • Sport: Eternal second, you always miss the podium or the selection, you often injure yourself, you want to improve your record, you want to improve your performance, …
  • Company: Problems with cash flow, partners, staff, sales, suppliers, …
  • Teams: The team is a bunch of players instead of a team, lack of motivation, mutual competition, jealousy, …
  • General: Performance pressure, fear, doubt, insecurity, self-sabotage, frustration during performance

The problem in your company, sport or performance
has a mental cause.

Your problem is not your problem. It’s time to look deeper and face the real cause.

The eternal second doesn’t feel worthy of being a winner. That could be because this person was never allowed to win a game in childhood (under the guise: you have to learn how to lose). But because this person never learned to win, and doesn’t have the mindset of a winner, this person literally can’t win. This person’s mind is programmed to lose, not win. And being second is great, but it is still losing.

The mindset of a winner is different from that of a participant. By working on ‘how does a winner think’ and ‘why don’t I consider myself a winner’, we can quickly identify that block and turn it around to ‘I am a winner and I deserve that podium spot’.

The winner of a competition is the one who most mentally identifies as a winner.


At the top level, the one who wins,
finds himself most worthy of winning.


Cashflow problems in a company are not about money, but about the mental state of the person in charge. If the CEO subconsciously doubts himself, the company, the products or services, then there may be cash flow problems.

But that doesn’t always have to be the reason. It can also be emotional issues (such as a divorce) that are causing the business to suffer.

Look deeply at what you have (and don’t have) and ask yourself why you allow it.


Companies, teams and achievements
are a reflection of your thinking.

BENUW mental coaching for CEO's

You can contact us if

  • You are willing to do what has to be done, even if you feel uncomfortable
  • You are willing to open up so that we can quickly identify your pain points
  • You cooperate (being open-minded is a must)
  • You want to change and you do it
  • You have courage and you persevere
  • You are willing to also apply the solutions in your life and bite the sour apple

We offer solutions, but it is NOT a quick fix. It requires action from you to change your reality. We help you understand why you have problems and help you find a solution that you must apply.


You value your time and want solutions?


Great to be at your service!