Self-love coaching with David Perl

Self-love coaching with David Perl

What is self-love? For me (David), self-love is the master key that unlocks every problem I face. Sometimes it’s soft and gentle, other times it’s practical and direct. In every instance it is accepting, forgiving, honest and empowering. It is not a magic wand that will remove a challenge, discomfort or pain, (because running away from those is not true love) it is in fact often very uncomfortable and painful because we have been deeply programmed to not love ourselves – to judge ourselves very harshly. The programming is often so deep that much of it is practically invisible.

Self-love means choosing to accept the situation as it is, accept all the possible outcomes and to know that you can face them all. It means choosing to stand by yourself, to not abandon yourself, to keep choosing your own evolution, whatever comes.

There are infinite levels of self-love. It is not something that you achieve or complete – it is a state of being that can always go deeper. Therefore appreciating your current state as well as the process are important.

About David Perl (Me)

You can connect further with me through my Beyond Men’s Group, my YouTube channel, or listen to my podcast on Spotify.

I go deep. I feel deeply and think deeply. I courageously explore my darkness and my light, embracing what I discover. I have found ways to walk through the frightening chaos of transformation, to feel all of the pain that emerges and experience an ever deepening appreciation for myself and for my life – to have fun with the process, and to process very quickly. This has led me to consistently go outside of my comfort zone, to make massive career changes and to move country several times because my inner guidance directed me too. It led me to free myself from my abusive ex-wife (as well as heal years of abuse) within a matter of months. It led me to access deep self-love, and then deep external love.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, and it’s not all storm clouds and demons, it can be any combination of either on a given day. I explore how to face and embrace whatever shows up and I invite you into that exploration. I may have a direct answer/solution for the problem you’re facing, I may intuitively guide you to reveal an answer from within yourself, I may feel some of your emotional pain for you to lighten the load, or by allowing you to witness my process you may automatically have a transformative experience yourself. Through ever-deepening vulnerability and intimacy, magic and evolution happen.

I recently became a father and have faced many unexpected challenges and experiences. I was confronted with much anger and pain within myself in response to my son’s existence and sees it as an opportunity to heal generations of trauma and confusion related to children.

In terms of vocation, I worked for several years in hospitality as a bartender/barista while attending university to become an engineer. After four and a half years working in a world-leading engineering firm I knew it was time to leave. It was a hard decision because I had what was theoretically my dream job (everything that he had dreamed of and more), but the signs were so clear that I couldn’t ignore them (I did try for a while). I then helped manage my father’s business for 4 years before receiving more signs that it was time to move on. This was also a scary choice to make given the safety, security and comfort that working for my father offered me. Since then I have prioritized my own internal process and allowed opportunities for work to find me, working as a management consultant, a life-coach and a healer.

Ideally, at some point you will outgrow the need for my help. It would give me great joy if through working with me you reconnect with your own inner guide which will be more effective than any external source.

If you are reading this, you probably already have a clear intuitive sense about whether my coaching is the right fit for you right now. If it is, there may be some fear arising – which is common when making life-changing choices – the patterns which have insulated you from facing your deepest pains come up to keep you safe. These patterns are not an enemy, though if you let them drive your life, they will greatly slow down your evolution. To help calm your fears about diving in – if within the first 15 minutes of your first session you feel that I am not the right fit for you, then you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

When you feel ready to dive in, purchase one of the options below.

After payment, you will be redirected to schedule your first call. VAT (sales tax) might be added, depending where you live.

One-time session

:: 1 session of 2 hours (available: Monday- Thursday 11am – 8pm CET)

:: coaching, energy work, visualizations, emotional release and more

:: via zoom

Coaching Pack 10 hours

:: 5 consecutive weeks (available: Monday- Thursday 11am – 8pm CET)

:: 2 hours per session (10 hours total)

:: coaching, energy work, visualizations, emotional release and more

:: via zoom

Coaching Pack 20 hours

:: 10 consecutive weeks (available: Monday- Thursday 11am – 8pm CET)

:: 2 hours per session (20 hours total)

:: coaching, energy work, visualizations, emotional release and more

:: via zoom

If you feel this isn’t for you within the first 15 minutes of the first call, we will happily refund you fully.
We aren’t financial or medical professionals and do not claim to be. Please always seek professional help.
Testimonials are A-typical and your results may vary.
This is not a quick fix, internal work is required. Therefore we cannot and do not promise any results.

Happy customers

David was instrumental in helping me be more peaceful and accepting of myself. This, in general, increased the effectiveness of my ability to express myself.

Additionally, he assisted me in:

  • Identifying and breaking through a limiting belief that I could not be effective at speaking publicly.
  • Providing me with an excellent method of enhancing my public speaking abilities, implementable in a short timeframe.
  • Setting boundaries with my son in a very loving and accepting manner
  • Creating a better relationship with my sister, by simply enhancing the way I approach her in conflict situations.

David provided me with the space to learn at my own pace. By also trusting me to extract learnings that applied to my situation, he exponentially increased his effectiveness as a mentor and coach.

– Suellen, Germany

I have been the happy recipient of David’s coaching services which I found insightful. He was knowledgeable in dealing with the range of issues I presented which have included business development, finances and self worth. All issues received a staged approach, delivered with caring, respect and love. Lasting lessons have been learned, enabling me to reach greater self realisation and make progress.

– Elizabeth, UK